Jose Juan Garcia "Che Juan" 
(October 22, 1940 – December 17, 2002)
founder of Hogares CREA, Inc.
Benjamín Pintor 
Ex-President Hogar CREA, Inc.
Hector Figueroa
President Hogar CREA, Inc.
Ricardo Colón
National Director Hogar CREA International
of U.S.A. Inc
Himno de Puerto Rico - Himno De Hogar CREA, Inc.
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Himno de Hogar CREA Inc. - Unknown Artist
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1st. Hogar CREA, Inc. (la Casita)
Saint Just, Puerto Rico 1968
Hogar CREA, Inc. Central Office
Saint Just, Puerto Rico 2017



Hogar CREA is a non-profit organization dedicated for over 44 years to the prevention and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse. Juan José García Ríos founded Hogar CREA on May 28, 1968 in the Saint Just Ward municipality of Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. The abbreviation C.R.E.A. is a Spanish acronym, which translates to "Center for the Re-Education of Addicts".  Its philosophy is based on the existential principle of individual and collective responsibility, self-effort, and mutual help. 


At present, we have 104 facilities operating throughout the island of Puerto Rico, United States, Central and South America.   Hogar CREA offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment services within a residential environment to individuals and adolescents of both sexes. 


The residents at Hogar CREA who participate in our programs are exposed to a real home environment with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and moral components that contribute to the formation of a sound character. The resident learns to assume responsibility for his life and conduct.


Through the performance of a series of daily duties, the resident acquires individual and collective responsibility. All of the chores performed in the Home are an integral part of the reconstruction process of the resident's life.


Directorship in the Homes is in the hands of re-educated individuals who are both the product and an example of the program's effectiveness. This peer modality is based on the principle that an ex-resident, having gone through the same process, will have the best understanding of the program and can reach a sound relationship with individuals in treatment.


The Directors and personnel are assisted in this endeavor by a group of professionals such as social workers, psychologists, nurses and doctors who offer direct services to the residents.

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