What do we do at Hogar C.R-E.A.?


We are a Community of Re-Education for Addicts.


While our name translates to a Spanish phrase meaning, 'Create home',

C.R-E.A. does so much more than that. Our faith based non-profit organization  helps people who struggle with substance abuse to reclaim their place in society, their communities, and their homes. 


Our treatment is unconventional, designed in what is a therapeutic community home where the resident will re-learn and re-earn the right to make adult decisions, but most importantly, to see themselves for who they can be with God's help.



Life after Re-Education...


 A lot of these men come in to C.R-E.A

and they don't believe they can do it. They

come for different reasons. Some come

two and three times.


 It took me five years to see myself as 

God sees me. I work on myself every day.




Luis Mendez

Facility Supervisor

Orlando. FL

Take the first step

Let God and C.R-E.A take the rest....


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